The vast majority of captive orcas reside in outdoor tank complexes. Because of this, and their altered lifestyle in captivity, […]
As seen with other highly intelligent animals such as apes and elephants, cetaceans often exhibit stereotypical or abnormal behaviour. Repetitive […]
An underlying issue with captivity is confining large, long-ranging predators in small, cramped tanks. In the wild, orcas are capable […]
There is no denying that the ocean is one of the most dynamic natural environments in the world. With its […]
Due to the manipulation of family units and the creation of artificial pods in captivity, incompatible individuals are forced into […]
Although the transient population of orcas in captivity is rising thanks to cruel capture operations in Russia, the vast majority […]
Ever since the first orca was captured in 1961, the marine park industry has profoundly targeted resident orcas, perhaps due […]
Adult killer whales have one set of 40-56 interlocking teeth (usually 10 to 14 teeth along each side of each […]
Orcas are the ocean’s top predators, capable of killing anything from fish to birds and sharks to baleen whales. By […]
A killer whale’s dorsal fin can grow several feet long, with an adult male’s fin growing up to six feet […]