When natural conception fails, or two desired animals situated at different facilities are selected for a breeding programme, artificial insemination […]
Orca populations found around the world have been observed to differ morphologically, genetically, behaviourally, acoustically and culturally from one another. […]
In the wild, the average viable calving interval for female orcas is 5 years. Although a calf stops nursing at around two […]
In the wild, the average age at first observed birth is around 12-14 years (Ford 2009), with a mean of 13 […]
For facilities that have ceased their support of capture operations, captive breeding programmes are the main alternative for sustaining and […]
The vast majority of captive orcas reside in outdoor tank complexes. Because of this, and their altered lifestyle in captivity, […]
As seen with other highly intelligent animals such as apes and elephants, cetaceans often exhibit stereotypical or abnormal behaviour. Repetitive […]
An underlying issue with captivity is confining large, long-ranging predators in small, cramped tanks. In the wild, orcas are capable […]
There is no denying that the ocean is one of the most dynamic natural environments in the world. With its […]
Due to the manipulation of family units and the creation of artificial pods in captivity, incompatible individuals are forced into […]