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Keet and Ulises

Orkid and Ulises

Kasatka and Ulises

Ulises and Orkid (front to back)
Photos by @EchoBeluga (IG)

Keet, Ulises and Makani (front to back)
Photos by @ceta.cean (IG)

Ulises and Keet (front to back)

Ulises and Keet (front to back)

Ulises, Keet and Orkid
Photos by @hunter.d.photography (IG)

Photos by @samcorn.swo (IG)

Photos provided by Sara Farrell.

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Corky 2, Kalia, Nakai, Kasatka, Orkid and Ulises

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Ulises, Nakai and Orkid

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Nakai, ikaika, orkid, uly

Nakai, Ikaika, Orkid and Ulises


Kalia, Nakai, Orkid and Ulises (front to back)

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Ulises and Orkid

Orkid & ulises

Orkid and Ulises

C (9)

Ikaika and Ulises

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Uli orkid ike

Ikaika and Ulises

Satlo phototour20

Splash and Ulises

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Ulises and Orkid

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Keet, Ulises, Orkid, Shouka, Kasatka, Kalia, Nakai, Ikaika and Corky 2

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Corky 2, Sumar, Nakai, Kasatka, Kalia, Orkid and Ulises

Orkid, nakai, kalia, ulises, shouka, kasatka, ike, corky, keet

Orkid, Nakai, Kalia, Ulises, Shouka, Kasatka, Ikaika, Corky 2 and Keet

Killerwhales 1024x768

Ulises, Sumar, Orkid, Kasatka and Nakai

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Keet, Ulises, Orkid, Shouka, Kasatka and Kalia

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Ulises 7634
Orkid kasatka sumar nakai uli

Orkid, Kasatka, Sumar, Nakai and Ulises

Ulises 9943

Photos by SeaWorld (via Orca Pod Wiki).

Photos provided by Brian Scott.

Photos provided by Emilie Giguère.

Orkid and Ulises

Photos provided by Laurie Néron.

Photo provided by Oreo 13.

Photo provided by Jovana Ivastanin.

Photo provided by Kristine.

Photo provided by Orcaholic2001.

Ulises at Aquarama Barcelona
Photo provided by Valérie Meyer.

Ulises at Aquarama Barcelona
Photos provided by Estel Moore Forn.

Photo provided by Mariana Fawkes.

Photo provided by Kristina Rau.

Photo provided by Terry Hardie.

Photo provided by Remedy.

Ulises at Aquarama Barcelona
Photo provided by Orcaholic2001.

Photo provided by Lindsay Billington.

Photos provided by Phoebe Derbes.

Photo provided by Cayla Holek.

Photo provided by Jessica Aditays.

Nakai and Ulises

Photos provided by Courtney Cook.

Photo provided by orcalover14.

Young Ulises at Aquarama Barcelona
Photos provided by Nekane Manjon.

Photos provided by FrostyOrca.

Splash and Ulises
Photos provided by Ro-hee.

Photos provided by Flipperedfriends.

Photo provided by Orcalover555.

Photos provided by Caitlin Fagan.

Photo provided by Monica Lozano.

Kasatka and Ulises
Photos provided by NakaiLova.

Photos provided by DaniSpiceBoy.

Ulises and Ikaika
Photos provided by Kelli Brown.

Photo by supremestar, provided by Jason Lee Scott.

Sumar, Ulises and Orkid

Shouka and Ulises

Shouka, Orkid and Ulises (front to back)

Splash, Corky 2 and Ulises

Splash, Keet and Ulises

Photos provided by Jason Lee Scott.

Photo provided by Mike Blake.

Ulises and Orkid

Photos provided by HaH.

Nakai and Ulises (front to back)

Photos provided by Kimmy Vengeance.

Photo provided by The San Diego Union-Tribune and Kimmy Vengeance.

Ulises and Orkid

Photos provided by kifaeriwench.

Keet and Ulises (front to back)

Photos provided by Aleksi A.

Photos provided by albino orca and CetusCetus.

Photo provided by Alex Cortes.

Photos provided by Katherine Larson.

Photos provided by Alexandra Catalano

Photos by Jose Perez (provided by Gisela Perez).

Photo by Wolfgang Gewalt (provided by anonymous), taken from his 1987 article “Wale und Delphine Spitzenkönner der Meere” (Whale and Dolphins: Top Performers of the Seas).

Photo sourced from the book “Killer Whale: Water Bullet” by Dawn Bluemel Oldfield (provided by Sara Farrell).

Photo sourced from the book “Boys Rock! Killer Whales” by Beth Adelman (provided by Sara Farrell).

Photos by Associated Press, provided by Katerina Studios.

Photos provided by Katerina Studios.

Photo provided by Sara Farrell

Photos via Tímarat.is (provided by Sara Farrell)