Disclaimer: These photos do not belong to the owner of this website but were kindly submitted by photographers. Some photos may be PR images produced by marine parks and aquariums. In all cases appropriate credit is given. Photos with multiple whales include identification which is listed from left to right (according to eye patch) unless stated otherwise.

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Photo provided by Abbey Wakefield.

Photos provided by Lynne Smith.

Photo provided by Anton Og.

Photos provided by Katerina Studios.

Toa and his mother shortly before his stranding

Photos provided by Whale-Rescue.org.

Photo provided by anonymous

Photo provided by Sam Von Keisenberg.

Photos provided by Francesca Brice.

Photo provided by Leon Berard.

 Photos provided by Emily Gardiner.

Photo provided by Vicki Baker.

Photo by Ingrid Visser.

Photos by New Zealand’s Department of Conservation.

Photos by Wellington LIVE.

Photo provided by HUHANZ.

Photo provided by Rosa Woods.

Photo provided by Dany Rood.

Photos provided by Blair Hillyard.

Photos provided by Derek Quinn.

Photo provided by Georgie Monigatti.

Photo provided by Allie Bee.