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Tilikum and young Trua (front to back)

Photos by @EchoBeluga (IG)

Photos by Edge0fall (IG).

Trua and Tilikum

Makaio, Katina and Tilikum

Katina and Tilikum

Malia and Tilikum

Malia and Tilikum

Malia and Tilikum

Tilikum and Malia (front to back)
Photos by @cetabaker (IG)

Photos by Kat Hooper (IG)

Photos provided by Sara Farrell.

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Tilly and trua

Tilikum and Trua


Tilikum and Trua

Tilly and trua

Tilikum and Trua


Trua and Tilikum


Tilikum and Trua

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Orlando sentinel 12
Orlando sentinel 13
Orlando sentinel 24
Orlando sentinel 25
Tilly trua

Trua and Tilikum


Trua and Tilikum

Kat mak tilly

Tilikum, Katina and Makaio (Under Katina)


Tilikum and Trua

Tilikum 744
Tilikum 93894
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Tilikum 8384
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Trua and Tilikum

Tilikum 728333
Tilikum malia 9445

Tilikum and Malia

Tilikum and malia 93734

Tilikum and Malia

Tilikum and malia 87474

Tilikum and Malia

Tilikum and malia 8787

Tilikum and Malia

Taima tilikum 834

Taima and Tilikum

Tilikum 7874

Photos by SeaWorld (via Orca Pod Wikia).

Photos provided by Sah’ot, Equus345, Tiggerlily, Holly Hickman, Emilie Giguère, Laurie Néron, Spot645, KE Wiley, ScotiaDolphin, Jovana Ivastanin, Mark Meijering, Orcaholic2001, Jason Kelly and Nicky (credit unclear).

Haida 2 and Tilikum
Photo by Jeff Foott, provided by Orcaholic2001

Photo provided by OrcaArtist.

Photos provided by Karbach.

Tilikum and Taima
Photo provided by Mandy H.

Photo provided by Nicki.

Photo provided by Saylorpower.

Photo provided by Orcalover.

Photo provided by Conrad Winslow

Photo provided by Ro-hee

Photo provided by LolitaLover.

Photo  provided by Orcaloverw.

Photo provided by Kim Chapman.

Photos provided by Jacqueline Otter.

Photo provided by Sophie.

Photos provided by killerwhale1401.

Photo provided by Orcalover555.

Photo provided by Simone.

Photo provided by kifaeriwench.

Photo provided by Beth.

Tilikum and Taima

Photo provided by Kimmy Vengeance.

Photo provided by Megan D.

Tilikum and Taima
Photo provided by SMSea.

Trua and Tilikum
Photos provided by Samantha Evans.

Nootka 4, Haida 2 and Tilikum

Photos provided by HaH.

Haida 2 and Tilikum

Photos courtesy of Steve Huxter, provided by Voice of the Orcas.

Haida 2 and Tilikum
Photos provided by Valentin666.

Taima and Tilikum

Tilikum and Taima

Taima and Tilikum

Photos provided by Jason Lee Scott.

Photos provided by Braeton California.

Malia and Tilikum
Photo provided by Macie.

Photo provided by Cetacean Lover.

Photo by The Times (provided by Sara Farrell).

Tilikum in Iceland
Photo provided by Viviana Colasanti.

Photo from Times Colonist (provided by Sara Farrell)