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In October and November of 1978 a large number of killer whales were captured in Icelandic waters. The animals were moved to a holding facility at Saedyrasafnid Aquarium. Some of them were quickly transported to marine parks like KatinaKasatkaKahanaKotarBetty and Shawn. Five whales stayed behind. Originally sold to Kamogawa Sea World, the transfer got delayed for unknown reasons. Two orcas, a male and a female, died in February 1979 after a period of severe weather caused damages to the water circulation system in the pool, causing the pair to subsequently fall ill. The three surviving killer whales were released after the incident on February 12th and the facility was renovated.

Sources: “Orca – The Whale Called Killer” by Erich Hoyt and The Icelandic live-capture fishery for killer whales, 1976-1988 by Johann Sigurjonsson and Stephen Leatherwood.

Photos provided by HaH and Cetacean Cousins

The three released whales
Photo by Timarit.is (provided by Sara Farrell).

Photo provided by Sara Farrell.

Photo provided by Katerina Studios.

Photos provided by Sara Farrell.