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Photos by @KetoFlukes (IG)

Tekoa, Skyla, Kohana and Keto

Adan and Tekoa

Adan and Tekoa

Tekoa, Adan, Skyla and Keto

Tekoa and Keto (front to back)
Photos by @dika_fphotography (IG)

Photo by Philip Coburn (provided by Sara Farrell).

Kohana and Tekoa

Photos provided by Karbach.

Photos provided by Zoe.

Kohana, Skyla, Adan, and Tekoa (left to right)
Photos provided by Katerina Studios.

Tekoa and Taima

Kalina assisting Taima with newborn Tekoa.

Taima giving birth to Tekoa
Photos provided by Adamishere16411.

Taima, Tekoa and Kalina
Photos provided by Emilie Giguère.

Photos provided by Laurie Néron.

Taima and Tekoa

Taima and Tekoa
Photos provided by KE Wiley.

Taima and Tekoa
Photo provided by Holly Hickman.

Kalina, Tuar and Tekoa
Photo provided by Alairra.

Tekoa and Taima
Photo provided by Jovana Ivastanin.

Taima and Tekoa
Photo provided by ScoobieNShaggie.

Photo provided by Caio Ribeiro.

Photo provided by Orcaobserver.

Photos provided by Orcaspitt.

Kalina, Tekoa and Tuar

Photos provided by Hyena2_18.

Tekoa, Keto, Kohana and Skyla

Photos provided by BlueDolphin88.

Keto, Kohana, Tekoa and Skyla (left to right)
Photo provided by Lieke van der Steen.

Photo provided by DaniSpiceBoy.

Photos provided by Sabrina.

Photo provided by Giorgio.

Photos provided by Takulover.

Skyla, Tekoa and Kohana
Photo provided by orcalover14.

Tekoa and Kohana
Photos provided by Jacqueline Otter.

Photo provided by Lisa S.

Tekoa, Kohana and Skyla (top to bottom)

Keto and Tekoa
Photos provided by Kimmy Vengeance.

Skyla, Morgan and Tekoa

Tekoa, Skyla and Morgan
Photos provided by anonymous.

Morgan, Kohana and Tekoa (front to back)
Photo by Loro Parque.

Photo provided by Caio Ribeiro.

Keto, Kohana, Tekoa and Skyla (left to right)
Photos provided by Valentin666.

Skyla, Tekoa, Kohana and Keto

Keto and Tekoa (front to back)
Photos provided by Jason Lee Scott.

Photos provided by Elsa C (Galinette1208).

Photos provided by Nadine (Corkyfan4193).

Photo provided by Sara Farrell.


Skyla, Kohana, Keto and Tekoa

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Keto and Tekoa

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Keto and Tekoa

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Skyla, Kohana, Tekoa, Keto

Loro parque orca show

Keto, Tekoa, Kohana and Skyla

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Skyla, Tekoa and Kohana

Ulrich brodde

Tekoa, Kohana and Skyla

5kohana, keto, skyla, tekoa

Kohana, Keto, Skyla and Tekoa

26tekoa, morgan, skyla

Tekoa, Morgan and Skyla

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Keto, Tekoa, Kohana and Skyla (front to back)

Tekoa skyla kohana keto

Tekoa, Skyla, Kohana and Keto


Adan, Skyla, Morgan, Kohana, Keto and Tekoa

14Skyla, Kohana, Morgan (Top Right), Tekoa, Keto

Skyla, Kohana, Morgan, Tekoa and Keto

15Keto, Tekoa, Morgan (L to R), Kohana, Skyla (Top to Bottom)

Keto, Tekoa, Morgan, Kohana and Skyla

16Kohana, Skyla, Keto, Morgan, Tekoa (T to B)

Kohana, Keto, Skyla, Morgan and Kohana

19Tekoa, Skyla, Adan (L to R), Morgan (Bottom), Keto (Back)

Tekoa, Skyla, Morgan, Adana and Keto

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Kohana, Tekoa and Skyla

Tekoa 744

Photos by Loro Parque

Skyla kalina tekoa 75567

Skyla, Kalina and Tekoa

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Kyuquot, Unna, Tuar and Tekoa


Taima, Tekoa and Kalina

Tuar & tekoa

Tekoa and Tuar (front to back)

Taima tekoa yehjdk

Taima and Tekoa

Tekoa 9843

Photos by SeaWorld (via Orca Pod Wikia).

Tekoa and Adán

Adán and Tekoa

Tekoa, Skyla, Kohana and Keto
Photos by Loro Parque (provided by Sara Farrell).

Tekoa(front) and Keto

Keto(left) and Tekoa

Tekoa(front) and Kohana

Photos by Alex Cortes.

Photo via The Dodo (provided by Sara Farrell)

Keto and Tekoa

Photos provided by Sara Farrell

Photo by Hombre (provided by Sara Farrell)

Skyla and Tekoa

Tekoa and Skyla

Photos provided by Sara Farrell