Disclaimer: These photos do not belong to the owner of this website but were kindly submitted by photographers. Some photos may be PR images produced by marine parks and aquariums. In all cases appropriate credit is given. Photos with multiple whales include identification which is listed from left to right (according to eye patch) unless stated otherwise.

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Photo provided by HaH.

Splash and Ulises

Photos by SeaWorld (via Orca Pod Wikia).

Photos provided by Brian Scott.

Photo provided by Patrick.

Photo provided by Laurie Néron.

Photo provided by Kathryn Rawlinson.

Photo provided by Katerina Studios.

Photos provided by Emilie Giguère.

Corky 2 and young Splash (front to back)
Photo provided by Valérie Meyer.

Photos provided by Terry Hardie.

Keet and Splash
Photo provided by Hyena2_18.

Photo provided by Ruka.

Photo provided by Lindsay Billington..

Photos provided by HaloOverHorns666.

Photo provided by Phoebe Derbes.

Photo provided by Vivien Balogh.

Photo provided by Sherie Hurdle.

Photos provided by Holly C.

Splash and Orkid

Ulises, Sumar and Splash

Ulises, Splash and Takara

Orkid and Splash

Splash, Keet and Orkid

Splash and Ulises
Photos provided by Ro-hee.

Splash and Nootka 5 (front to back)
Photo provided by Mr. McBurney and Kimmy Vengeance.

Nootka 5 and Splash

Nootka 5 and Splash

Splash and Nootka 5

Nootka 5 and Splash
Photos provided by Marineland: In Depth.

Splash, Corky 2 and Orkid

Splash, Corky 2 and Orkid

Splash and Orkid

Kasatka and Splash

Keet and Splash (front to back)

Splash and Orkid

Splash and Orkid

Splash, Corky 2 and Ulises

Splash, Keet and Ulises

Splash, Takara, Kasatka and Corky 2

Sumar and Splash

Sumar, Orkid, Splash (left to right) and Corky 2 (back)
Photo provided by Jason Lee Scott.

Splash and Nootka 5

Splash and Nootka 5
Photos provided by HaH.

Photo provided by Christy Gotcher.

Photo provided by albino orca.

Splash and Keet

Splash and Sumar

Splash and Keet

Orkid and Splash (front to back)
Photo provided by Kimmy Vengeance.

Corky 2 and Splash
Photo provided by Kellie DeCarteret.

Splash, Corky 2 and Orkid

Photos sourced from the book “Killer Whale” by Caroline Arnold and Richard Hewett (provided by Sara Farrell).

Splash, Takara, Orkid, Kasatka and Corky 2
Photo sourced from the book “All About Training Shamu” by Jane Resnick (provided by Sara Farrell).

Splash and Orkid
Photo sourced from the book “Creatures Of The Sea: Killer Whales” by Kris Hirschmann (provided by Sara Farrell).

Nootka 5 and Splash
Photo by Marineland (provided by Sara Farrell)

Corky 2 and Splash

Splash, Keet, Corky 2, Orkid, Kasatka and Takara

Splash and Kasatka

Photos provided by Sara Farrell