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Shouka and Nakai (front to back)

Shouka and Kalia

Orkid and Shouka

Shouka, Corky 2 and Ikaika

Corky 2 and Shouka

Shouka and Orkid

Corky 2 and Shouka (top to bottom)

Nakai and Shouka (front to back)

Nakai, Shouka and Kalia
Photos by @EchoBeluga (IG)

Shouka at Six Flags
Photos by @EchoBeluga (IG)

Photos by @ceta.cean (IG)

Amaya, Kalia and Shouka

Makani and Shouka

Amaya and Shouka

Shouka, Amaya, Kalia and Orkid (front to back)

Shouka, Amaya, Kalia and Orkid (front to back)

Orkid and Shouka

Makani and Shouka

Kalia, Orkid, Makani, Shouka

Nakai, Shouka, Amaya, Makani, and Kasatka

Kasatka, Orkid, and Shouka

Shouka, Orkid, Nakai, and Makani (front to back)

Shouka, Nakai, Orkid and Makani

Orkid and Shouka
Photos by @hunter.d.photography (IG)

Shouka and Kim 2
Photo by Edge0fall (IG).

S (2)
S & cupid

Shouka and Cupid

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Shouka 2
Shouka 875

Photos by Six Flags (via Orca Pod Wiki).

Shouka sharkan frank sanchez

Shouka and Sharkane

Sharkane shouka 84785

Shouka and Sharkane
Photos by Marineland Antibes (via Orca Pod Wiki).

Corhy, shouka, orkid

Corky 2, Shouka and Orkid

Shouka and corky

Shouka and Corky 2

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Orkid and Shouka

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Keet, Ulises, Orkid, Shouka, Kasatka, Kalia, Nakai, Ikaika and Corky 2

Orkid, nakai, kalia, ulises, shouka, kasatka, ike, corky, keet

Orkid, Nakai, Kalia, Ulises, Shouka, Kasatka, Ikaika, Corky 2 and Keet

Shouka 7
SWD 0881B

Keet, Ulises, Orkid, Shouka, Kasatka and Kalia

Shouka orkid

Shouka and Orkid

Shouka 4436
Byu football 1

Shouka and Corky 2

Byu football 2

Shouka and Ikaika

Amaya orkid shouka kalia nakai 943

Amaya, Orkid, Shouka, Kalia and Nakai

Shouka 853335
Shouka 9754
Vb shouka fkjejll
Shouka 8748

Photos by SeaWorld (via Orca Pod Wiki).

Shouka ikaika sdut284

Shouka and Ikaika
Photo by the San Diego Union Tribune (via Orca Pod Wiki).

Valentin and Shouka

Shouka and Kim 2

Shouka and Kim 2

Shouka, Freya and Valentin

Photos provided by Stefan Jacobs.

Photo provided by Jess Jones.

Photos provided by Rachel Cali.

Valentin and Shouka
Photos provided by Léonore Simon.

Photo provided by Takara.

Photos provided by Valerie and Jean-Marc Pletinckx.

Sharkane and young Shouka
Photo provided by OrcaArtist.

Photos provided by Kristine.

Photos provided by Dana.

Photo provided by Robert Gojceta.

Photos provided by Samantha Tomlinson.

Photo provided by The Orca Person.

Photos provided by Orcafinatic.

Photo provided by Ro-hee.

Photos provided by Cyrena.

Photo provided by Wendy Cooke.

Photos provided by Kimmy Vengeance.

Photos provided by Whitni Frank.

Photos provided by Echobeluga.

Sharkane and Shouka

Sharkane and Shouka
Photos provided by Valentin666.

Photo provided by Jennifer Sviridova.

Photo provided by Echobeluga.

Shouka and Nakai

Shouka and Nakai

Corky 2 and Shouka
Photos by supremestar, provided by Jason Lee Scott.

Corky 2 and Shouka

Shouka and Kasatka

Shouka and Ulises

Shouka, Ikaika and Corky 2

Shouka, Orkid and Ulises (front to back)

Photos provided by Jason Lee Scott.

Photos provided by Caitlin Fagan.

Photos provided by Faith Wraith.

Corky 2 and Shouka

Photos provided by HaH.

Shouka and Corky 2

Photo provided by kifaeriwench.

Photos provided by Aleksi A.

Sharkane and young Shouka
Photo provided by Audrey Ricq.

Photo provided by albino orca.

Nakai and Shouka (front to back)
Photos provided by Alex Cortes.

Photos by Six Flags (Facebook), provided by Sara Farrell.

Photo sourced from the book “Killer Whale: Water Bullet” by Dawn Bluemel Oldfield (provided by Sara Farrell).