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Photos provided by Kim Zerbe.

Shamu and Kilroy

Shamu and Kilroy

Photos by Pat Hathaway.

Photo by SeaWorld (via Orca Pod Wikia).

Photos provided by KE Wiley.

Photos provided by moon_tides and Bas Wassink.

Photos provided by Canuck Kcunac.

Photo provided by Rachel Cali.

Photo from the book “Whales, Dolphins and Man” by Jacqueline Nayman, provided by Blackmoon2101.

Photo provided by Mariana Fawkes.

Shamu and Ramu
Photos provided by Blackmoon2101.

Photos provided by OrcaArtist.

Photos provided by Nikki.

Photos provided by Orcaholic2001.

Photo provided by OrcaSpirit.

Photo provided by Nikki Abeln.

Photo provided by SMSea.

Photo provided by Jovana Ivastanin.

Photos provided by Shamugirl1808.

Photos provided by Kimmy Vengeance.

Photo provided by anonymous.

Photo by D.K. Caldwell provided by Kimmy Vengeance.

Shamu and Kilroy (front to back)

Photos provided by Valentin666.

Shamu and Namu

Shamu and Namu

Photos provided by HaH.

Photo by Ted Griffin from the book “Orca – How We Came to Know and Love the Ocean’s Greatest Predator” by Jason M. Colby, provided by Kimmy Vengeance.

Shamu (the larger whale) and Kilroy

Photos provided by Sara Farrell.

Shamu – November 4, 1965
Photos by The Bermerton Sun/Kitsap Sun (provided by anonymous).

Photos provided by Sara Farrell.

Photo by University of Victoria (provided by Sara Farrell).

Photos by Associated Press provided by Katerina Studios.

Kilroy and Shamu

Photos by United Press International provided by Katerina Studios.

Shamu’s transfer to SeaWorld in 1965

Shamu and “Chester” the chimpanzee

Photos provided by Katerina Studios.

Photo provided by Sara Farrell.

Kilroy and Shamu
Photo from News-Journal (provided by Sara Farrell)

Photo from The Montana Standard-Post (provided by Sara Farrell)

Photo from The Index-Journal (provided by Sara Farrell)

Photo from The Morning Call (provided by Sara Farrell)

Photo from The Missoulin (provided by Sara Farrell)

Photo from The Independent-Record (provided by Sara Farrell)

Photos provided by Sara Farrell

Photos via Cetacean Collective