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Photos provided by HaH.

Photos provided by Spot645 and GreekOrca.

Photo provided by Laurie Néron.

Photo provided by Brendon McPhee.

Photo provided by Jason Kelly.

Photo provided by Mandy H.

Photo provided by ka_orca.

Photos provided by Vivien Balogh.

Photo provided by Brad.

Photo provided by Hilary Baca.

Photo provided by Valentin666.

Photo provided by Thomas Neill.

San Diego’s old “Dine with Shamu” area
Photo provided by Kimmy Vengeance.

Photos provided by Caitlin Fagan.

Old Shamu Stadium (now known as Dolphin Stadium)
Circa. June 1971

Photo by The  Desert Sun (provided by Sara Farrell).

Shamu Stadium, now known as Dolphin Stadium, in the 1970s

Photos by SeaWorld provided by Katerina Studios.

Photo provided by Katerina Studios.

Photo by The Los Angeles Times provided by CaptiveOrca Wiki.

Photo by the Associated Press, provided by Katerina Studios.