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Photos provided by Caio Ribeiro.

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Kshamenk 2

Kshamenk and Floppy

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Kshamenk 5
Kshamenk 6
Kshamenk 7
Kshamenk 10
Kshamenk 11
Kshamenk 768i
Kshamenk yugujk
Kshamenk ytfrdfgh
Kshamenk 8743
Kshamenk 445

Photos by Mundo Marino (via Orca Pod Wiki).

Photos provided by Tiggerlily and Rachel Cali.

Photos provided by Laurie Néron.

Photo provided by Spot645.

Photo provided by Ruka.

Kshamenk’s capture
Photos provided by Caio Ribeiro and OrcaArtist.

Kshamenk’s capture
Photos provided by OrcaArtist.

Photos provided by Caio Ribeiro and DuKe Stacey.

Photos provided by OrcaArtist.

Photos provided by Mariana Fawkes.

Photo provided by Kristine.

Photo provided by Ro-hee.

Kshamenk and Belen
Photo provided by Rachel Cali.

Photos provided by Luciana Amezague.

Photo provided by Macarena Spaltro.

Photo provided by Magda-50.

Photo provided by María.

Photo provided by JuanMDQ.

Photo provided by pili.

Young Kshamenk
Photo provided by HaH.

Photo provided by Ezequiel.

Photos provided by Caio Ribeiro.

Kshamenk’s capture

Photos by Mundo Marino (provided by Sara Farrell).

Belen and Kshamenk
Photo provided by Katerina Studios.