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Photo by @EchoBeluga (IG)

Photos by @cetabaker (IG)

Photos provided by Caio Ribeiro.

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Lolita (3)
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Lolita 4
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Lolita (4)
Lolita (6)
Lolita 833
Hugo lolita

Hugo and Lolita
Photos by Miami Seaquarium (via Orca Pod Wikia).

Lolita and Hugo
Photos provided by Orca Tank Wikia.

Photos provided by Sara Farrell.

Photos provided by Emilie Giguère and Laurie Néron.

Photo provided by Iva, Emilie Giguère and Laurie Néron

Photo provided by Spot645.

Photos provided by Oreo 13.

Photo provided by OrcaSpitt.

Photos provided by JaD.

Photo provided by Bas Wassink.

Photos provided by Rebecca Partridge.

Photo provided by Mandy H.

Lolita and Hugo

Photos provided by Valérie Meyer.

Photos provided by OrcaArtist.

Photos provided by Blackmoon2101.

Photo provided by Jason Kelly.

Hugo and Lolita (front to back)
Photo provided by orca123.

Photo provided by Pickle.

Photos provided by BlueDolphin88.

Photo provided by Lunchi.

Photo provided by Deldavis49.

Photos provided by Peter.

Photo provided by Bas Wassink.

Photo provided by killerwhale1401.

Photo provided by Niki Gianni.

Photo provided by Jacqueline Otter.

Photo provided by anonymous.

Photos provided by JM.

Photos provided by Caio Ribeiro.

Photos provided by Igor Morais.

Photos provided by Jenna.

Photo provided by Sara Farrell.

Photos provided by Rogers Photo Archive.

Lolita’s capture at Penn Cove in August 1970
Photo by Terry Newby.

Hugo and Lolita
Photo by The Charlotte Observer (provided by Sara Farrell)

Lolita and Hugo
Photos by The Miami News (provided by Sara Farrell)

Photo by The Sunday News (provided by Sara Farrell)

Photos by Miami Seaquarium (provided by Sara Farrell).

Photo provided by Katerina Studios.

Photo by the South Florida Sun Sentinel, provided by Katerina Studios.

Photo by UPI, provided by Katerina Studios.

Photo by the Miami Herald provided by Katerina Studios.

Photo by the Associated Press, provided by Katerina Studios.

Lolita and Hugo

Lolita and Hugo
Photos from FloridaMemory.com (provided by Sara Farrell)

Photo by the Miami Seaquarium
Photos provided by Sara Farrell